Why Backup Microsoft 365?

Microsoft's responsibility ends at the infrastructure, leaving your critical data vulnerable to accidental deletion, security threats, and even compliance gaps.

Businesses today come in all shapes and sizes, especially organisations using Microsoft 365. Whether you have a Hybrid Cloud solution using Microsoft 365 and on-premise Exchange – or even a complete Microsoft 365 cloud solution – your business objective should be to have an independent backup of your data in an off-site data centre.

Don't leave your Microsoft 365 data vulnerable to:

The shared
responsibility model

Microsoft 365 data is not protected automatically

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Don't fall foul of the Shared Responsibility Model

While Microsoft 365 offers robust features, it doesn't automatically back up your data. It manages the underlying infrastructure for Microsoft 365, where the organisation is responsible for safeguarding the data, and identities.

CloudCover 365 proudly offers full-fidelity Microsoft 365 data protection, safeguarding both the data and the configurations that bind it, including Entra ID, Intune and more.

Insider threats & mistakes

Insider threats are on the rise

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Add a safety net for insider threats

Even the most diligent employees can make mistakes. Accidental deletion of critical files or emails can severely disrupt workflows. Disgruntled employees may intentionally delete or corrupt data and weak passwords can lead to compromised accounts.

A Microsoft 365 Backup service ensures you have a secure copy of your information, no matter what.

Cyber attacks

One of the leading causes of business data loss

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76% of businesses experienced Ransomware in 2024.

The landscape of cyber threats is constantly evolving, with more attacks than ever before.

CloudCover 365 helps organisations to quickly restore lost or compromised Microsoft 365 data, minimising downtime and aiding a fast return to 'business as usual'.


Data retention and legal requirements

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Adhere to compliance requirements

Many regulations mandate the retention of specific data for a defined period. Backups ensure you have a readily accessible copy of your data to meet compliance requirements for audits or investigations.

Cyber security frameworks including NIST and ISO also require backups as a critical control for ensuring data availability.

The Microsoft Backup myth

Many organisations think that by using Microsoft 365 they are meeting data protection and compliance requirements, but this may not be the case.

What many Microsoft 365 users don’t realise, is that although Microsoft hosts the solution and takes care of the infrastructure, the responsibility of maintaining and protecting a copy of the data solely lies in the user’s hands.

If one of your employees deletes a critical project file, or worse, an entire folder of customer orders; with no backup, there’s no guarantee this information would be recoverable.

Microsoft 365 terms and conditions

If I use Microsoft 365, Microsoft has a duty to protect my data, doesn’t it?” 

No. Microsoft itself states:

“We strongly advise you to make regular back-up copies of Your Content. Microsoft can’t be held responsible for Your Content or the material others upload, store or share using our Services.” 

This is one of the reasons we created our Microsoft 365 backup solution. We strive to provide a comprehensive service with a range of features to help the modern organisation reach their objectives and compliance challenges.

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