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Market-leading OneDrive Backup for the Enterprise

The modern workplace thrives on collaboration. Cloud storage solutions like OneDrive for Business have become the backbone for seamless document sharing and real-time teamwork, regardless of location. However, as reliance on OneDrive grows, so does the vulnerability of your critical business data.

Along with file storage, OneDrive for Business also operates behind the scenes, quietly powering many of the services you rely on within Microsoft 365 – this usually means that a missing file has a much larger impact and this intertwined storage structure creates a hidden vulnerability. If a user accidentally deletes a file from their OneDrive, it can also disappear from the Teams chat or channel where it was previously shared. This can disrupt workflows and hinder collaboration efforts.

Don’t let data loss in OneDrive disrupt your business. Experience the power of comprehensive backup and recovery – start your free trial of CloudCover 365 today.

Backup and Recover OneDrive files in a few clicks:

  • Employee-by-Employee and Folder-by-Folder Restore: Easily recover files for specific users or entire teams, depending on the nature of the data loss. Empower your IT team with flexible recovery to address a wide range of scenarios efficiently.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem, including Teams and OneDrive, is fully protected means you can focus on other strategic initiatives with confidence.

  • Streamlined Management: Manage backups for all your Microsoft 365 data from a single, centralised console – simplify administration and save valuable time.
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OneDrive Backup key features:

End user restores

Reduce support workloads and enable employees to restore their own lost OneDrive backup files. Users cannot manage backup jobs or company data.

Secure Cloud backup with Immutability

Backed-up files cannot be modified or deleted by malicious attacks and insider threats. Secondary immutable copies are also available on Enterprise plans.

Granular recovery

Restore individual files, mail the data to someone, restore to its original location or download it locally.

CloudCover support

Our support team is available to help through online chat, phone or email.

Flexible packages

With flexible subscriptions available to meet your needs and a full partner plan available, Microsoft 365 backup has never been more affordable.

Centralised management

Manage backups for all your Microsoft 365 data from a single, centralised console. Reduce administration time and save valuable IT resources.

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OneDrive Backup FAQ:

OneDrive offers built-in version history and file recovery for a limited time, however, it doesn’t provide complete disaster recovery or protection from accidental deletions or ransomware attacks. Microsoft itself even recommends a third-party backup solution is put in place.

For organisations to test the functionality and features available within CloudCover 365, we suggest taking advantage of a free 14-day trial. You can set this up straight from the console or for additional assistance, contact the CloudCover team.

CloudCover 365 stores protected Microsoft 365 data, including OneDrive in UK ISO 270001 accredited data centres. If you’d like more information on our selected data centre partners, please contact us.

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