Looking to resell Microsoft 365 Backup?

Supplying Microsoft 365 backup services to your customers has never been easier with CloudCover 365.

Due to an increase in Ransomware attacks, data legislation changes and remote working, the demand for data protection has never been higher. This is your opportunity to help protect the irreplaceable data your customers depend on and resell a true full-fidelity Microsoft 365 backup service with CloudCover 365.

Profitable partnerships and UK data protection

  • Access additional discounts of up to 30% to maximise your margins and reduce management costs while retaining profitability.
  • Offer CloudCover as a bolt-on service to your existing 365 and cloud solutions.
  • Provide data sovereignty and peace of mind for customers with an entirely UK-based solution.
  • Access expert guidance and training from sales and technical teams.
  • White labelling: Resell customisable white-labelled cloud services under your brand.
  • Benefit from a dedicated account manager to help you close sales and grow with CloudCover 365.
  • Manage and monitor all your customers from the central CloudCover 365 portal.
  • Instant pricing: Create quotes in minutes using our online pricing tool.
  • Customer control: Retain full control of your customer relationships.
resell Microsoft 365 backup

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