Microsoft Teams Backup

Access fast, reliable, purpose-built Enterprise Backup and Recovery for Microsoft Teams as part of a full-fidelity Microsoft 365 backup service.

Market-leading OneDrive Backup for the Enterprise

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration hub, but its data storage presents a hidden challenge for IT admins: traditional backup solutions often fall short. Unlike typical applications with a central storage location, Teams scatters data across Exchange, SharePoint, and individual user OneDrives based on the feature used. This fragmented storage architecture can lead to incomplete backups, potentially leaving critical messages, files, and collaboration history unrecoverable during a disaster.

CloudCover 365 empowers IT managers with a comprehensive solution designed to address the unique data storage landscape of Microsoft Teams.

Simple Backup for a complex Teams environment:

Addressing this challenge head-on, CloudCover 365 offers a comprehensive backup solution designed specifically for Microsoft Teams. 

It captures data from all relevant locations, including Exchange, SharePoint, and user OneDrives, ensuring a complete and secure backup and recovery of the entire Teams environment. This eliminates the risk of data loss and allows for seamless restoration in the event of a disaster.

Backup and protect channel chats, messages, files, posts and more.

Microsoft Teams Backup key features:

Full-fidelity Microsoft 365 Backup

Protect Teams data across Microsoft 365 services, along with the metadata and the configurations that bind it.

Backup with Immutability

Backups are stored on immutable storage, as standard with secondary immutable copies also available.

As a Service

Manage backups online from a single console – our team manages the entire infrastructure so you don’t have to.

CloudCover support

The CloudCover support team is available to help via fast online support, email and phone.

Full partner program

In addition to Enterprise packages, CloudCover 365 also has a full partner program available for MSPs wishing to resell Microsoft 365 Backup to their customers.

Granular recovery

Restore individual files, mail the data to someone, restore to its original location or download it locally.

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Microsoft Teams Backup FAQ:

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Consider factors like:

  • Data sensitivity: How critical is it to recover lost information quickly?
  • Regulatory requirements: Are there specific compliance rules for data retention?
  • Team activity level: How frequently does your team generate new data (chats, files)?


CloudCover 365 offers flexible backup schedules that fit around your requirements. Organisations can even back up 12 times a day, offering a two hour Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for critical Microsoft 365 data.

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