CloudCover Guardian for Azure

Microsoft 365 offers a powerful suite of tools, but with great power comes complex configurations. Full-fidelity Microsoft 365 backup is essential.

250+ objects define how Microsoft 365 data interacts within your organisation 

These objects act as a blueprint for your Microsoft 365 tenancy, controlling how data interacts within an organisation – from Mailbox permissions to user groups and access controls. These configurations, stored within Microsoft 365, also control critical business functions including Entra ID, conditional access and Intune.

While most Microsoft backup services enable organisations to restore the data held within Microsoft 365, they fail to protect the rules and configurations that bind it. Keeping all these configurations secure and recoverable is vital for maintaining the health and stability of your Microsoft 365 environment. Available as part of an Enterprise Plus plan, CloudCover Guardian for Azure helps organisations take a holistic approach to their Microsoft 365 data protection.

Unified security and compliance

Gain complete control of your Microsoft 365 environment with advanced configuration comparisons and Blueprint reports. Easily identify and address security risks before they become threats and meet industry standards including ISO 27001:2022.

Stay on top of every change

Track all configuration changes within your Microsoft 365 environment with twice-daily comparison reports. Gain a complete view of your entire environment, including user deletions, permission changes, and software updates.

Protect your configuration Blueprint:

Capture a central configuration Blueprint and minimise downtime by quickly restoring your environment to a secure state after a data disaster.

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CloudCover Guardian for Azure protects 250+ configurations, including:

Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams Configurations

Entra ID



Security and compliance

Power Platform and more

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CloudCover Guardian for Azure FAQ:

As part of an Enterprise plan, CloudCover Guardian for Azure protects the configurations that manage a Microsoft 365 tenancy. A full list of the 250+ configurations protected can be viewed here: Microsoft365DSC.

Microsoft 365 configuration protection, including Entra ID backup and recovery is available through an Enterprise plus CloudCover 365 plan. 

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