Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Exchange holds more than just email data. It's the heart of your business communication, managing calendars, contacts, tasks, and more. Could your business run without it?

Access full fidelity Microsoft 365 Backup

CloudCover 365 simplifies Microsoft 365 backups, leveraging the power of Veeam’s leading backup software into a simple SaaS service. This easy-to-use solution protects your critical data in applications like Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Not only does it protect application data, but as part of the solution CloudCover Guardian for Azure also protects the metadata and unique Microsoft configurations that bind the information together and applications including Entra ID, Intune and more.

Complete protection starts with CloudCover 365:

Microsoft Exchange Online

Data and Configurations

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  • Emails, calendars, contacts, tasks,
  • Public folders, notes & more.
  • Configuration Backup & Recovery
  • Advanced search
  • End user restore functionality
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    Data and Configurations

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  • Site Collections & Views
  • Lists & Content types
  • Document libraries & Permissions
  • Subsites & more
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    OneDrive for Business

    Data and Configurations

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  • Protect Calendars, Contacts & Tasks
  • Documents, Videos & Images
  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel & more
  • Configuration backup & recovery
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    Including Intune

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  • Intune
  • Planner
  • Power platform
  • Security & Compliance
  • Over 250+ unique configurations
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    Microsoft Teams

    Data and Configurations

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  • Channel Chats & Messages
  • Teams Chats & Files
  • Document libraries, Posts & more
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Configuration backup and recovery
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    Entra ID

    Including conditional access

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  • Conditional access policies
  • Authentication policies
  • Groups & role definitions
  • Role settings
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    Market-leading Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365

    Backup features

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    Recovery features

    Complete Microsoft 365 protection

    Microsoft 365 Azure restore tool
    CloudCover Object Storage

    Storage features

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    CloudCover 365 - Microsoft 365 Backup FAQ:

    When you enable end-user restore options the end-user can only see and restore their information. They cannot see any administration tools or data. Enabling end-user restores simply allows them to view and restore their own content, should they lose it.

    With CloudCover 365, you don’t need to know any end-user information. Once you’ve set up the service, they simply need to log in to the CloudCover 365 portal using their Microsoft credentials to access their backups.

    We built this portal for Veeam Backup 365 v.3, and we’re consistently adding new features to the portal beyond Veeam’s current software capabilities. You can view a list of our latest updates, here.

    You can restore Microsoft 365 data yourself using our cloud portal, where you’ll see a number of different restore functions available. As an example restore options for Exchange include:

    • Restore to the original location: This option will return the items to the Exchange server that they came from.
    • Restore to local PST: This item will create a .PST file, that will be downloaded in your browser. Please note that you will need to open .PST files in an Outlook client to read it.
    • Restore to local ZIP – This option will create a Zip file containing a message file (.msg) for you to read. The zip file will be downloaded in your browser.
    • Mail to Owner: This option will send the items as a mail attachment to the owner.
    • Mail to Someone: This option will allow you to send the items to an email address of your choice More information can be found in our help files.

    During scheduled hours you can contact our support team directly via online chat within the portal. You can also access help files, contact us via email or phone.

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