Important changes to SharePoint Backup

We’d like to make you aware of some recent changes to SharePoint backup procedures that may impact your backups within CloudCover 365. Microsoft has implemented changes that will now affect the backup of certain SharePoint components, particularly DWP (Data Web Parts), after May 2024. To ensure continuity in your backup processes, we strongly advise taking […]

Certificate Expiration

Due to the way Veeam interacts with Azure AD, CloudCover requires a certificate to be able to communicate with each other, however. This certificate now expires after 10 years. Once we’ve renewed the certificate on our end, you’ll need to run through the signup process to reauthenticate your organisation with Veeam. To do this, you […]

The legacy approach to Teams backup is ending

CloudCover 365 backup

CloudCover 365 will soon bring a new change in the way we ensure the data from Microsoft Teams chats are kept secure. By using CloudCover 365 we will back up your Microsoft Teams Data by using the just released Teams Export APIs. So, what does this mean for you and how can you prepare for […]

Exchange Online Deprecation of Basic Authentication

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Microsoft has recently announced the deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange Online. This blog summarises these changes. This information is based on an article by Microsoft which can be viewed in full here: Deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange Online. Why is Microsoft stopping Basic Authentication? Applications commonly use Basic Authentication methods to connect to […]

Setting up your backup job

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Once you’ve signed up to CloudCover 365, the next step would be to setup your backup job. Firstly, you’ll need to create a backup repository that will house your data. To create the repository, you’ll need to click the New repository button. From here, you’re presented with a dialogue box that will allow you to […]

Veeam Cloud Connect Certificate Validation Errors

Veeam Cloud Connect

Recently LetsEncrypt reported the Root CA was set to expire. Even though this was a planned occurrence, it still caused some issues with some customers, and certificate validation errors were still rarely occurring after the re-generation of new SSL certificates. We recently found a select few tenants continue to have certificate validation issues when targeting […]

401 Unauthorised on SharePoint Sites

If you see an error like the below on your CloudCover 365 backup job, it means that Veeam is unable to read the SharePoint site. [Error] Failed to process site: (https://* The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized The highlighted string of characters indicate that the site was created by an application, which Veeam […]

Cloudcover365 – Expired Client Secret

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When Cloudcover365 is set-up with Modern Authentication, a client secret is required as part of the sign-up process. We have found that when this secret expires, some customers are not always sure on where to generate a new secret and how to update the tenant information in the Cloudcover365 portal. This blog will demonstrate where […]

365 backup authentication

When backing up your Office 365 products you’ll need to consider what type of authentication will best suit your needs. The different methods are Modern Application-only and Modern with Legacy authentication. The main reason as to why you need to choose between the two is due to what kind of security settings you have within […]